Glamour gets a makeover

The ostentation of the glitter strip is old news – there’s a cultural revolution going on in these parts, writes Craig Tansley.

At 8am I receive a text advising that my private sun lounger and umbrella has been set up on the beach. And that a bottle of Krug is chilled and waiting for me beside the lounger (a vintage bottle of champagne had been waiting for me on arrival yesterday, but I preferred the idea of sipping it with my toes in the sand).
That’s Krug, not Moe¨t, the drink of choice for moneyed folk in these parts since gluttony got groovy in the ’80s. A luxury limousine certainly won’t be delivering me to the beach here in Burleigh Heads either, from a sky-scraping hotel in Surfers Paradise –mandatory luxury etiquette on the Gold Coast for decades.

For this right here, right now is an entirely different Gold Coast to the one you all knew. There’s a cultural revolution taking place in these parts, in case you hadn’t heard, in a place that never really cared that much for culture.

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